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Today’s Tip for Reaching Your Goals

Most of us know what a goal is by the time we are adults. You hear about goals from your parents, teachers, and athletic coaches. So why is it that so many of us reach our adult years without the ability to reach our goals and dreams?

One reason is the decisions you make along the way that become obstacles, but we will get into that in a future post. What I want to share today is how to properly plan the path to your goal. With EURO 2016 and Copa America going on right now, I can’t help but use a soccer analogy. Everyone who has seen a soccer game quickly understands the object of the game is to get the ball into the other teams goal. If it is just you on the field by yourself it is a pretty easy task. You have a ball at your feet and you kick it towards the goal. But how often is it just one player on the field trying to make a goal? You might see that in practice but not in a game situation.

What happens in a game situation is you have teammates, an opposing team and both have coaches. And then thereĀ is the referee who is out there to make sure everyone plays fair. The coaches come up with different plays to run depending on who has the ball and what part of the field you are on. And if your team has better control of the ball, faster players, and better plays then you will likely score a goal or two during a game.

How does this relate to being an adult trying to reach a goal?

It’s pretty simple really, we are all trying to kick the ball into the goal to score – whether it is in at school, at work or in our personal life. Setting the goal is not typically the issue we have because we can all see areas to improve our lives. Today’s tip deals with setting the plays in place that will score the goal for you. Too often adults forget that they have to plan out how they want to attack their goals (and I say attack because the opposition is out there to prevent you from reaching your goals). We often try to go it alone without taking time to plan for our goals, we just kick aimlessly at the ball as we go about our days.

That is what a good life coach is there for, to help you not only create the plan but to help you stay on the plan. But just like in a soccer game, some plays will work and some won’t. When your plan doesn’t work, don’t give up. Get with your coach and tweak tweak your plan and get back in the game of reaching your goal.